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Evidence Based Practice Clinical Guideline Review

PEP Topic: Prevention of Infection


  • Oncology Nursing Society
  • Laura J. Zitella, RN MS NP AOCN
  • Christopher R. Friese, RN PhD AOCN
  • Joanna (Jody) Hauser, RN MS NP
  • Barbara Holmes Gobel, RN MS AOCN
  • Myra Woolery, MN RN CPON
  • Colleen O’Leary, RN BSN OCN
  • LCDR Felicia A. Andrews, BSN RN

Date of publication: 2006

Date of Review: August 2014

Method of Review: The Evidence Based Practice Protocol Review Subcommittee conducted a group review of the clinical guideline, followed by voting to arrive at a consensus recommendation. Because this protocol is from the Oncology Nursing Society, the subcommittee felt that a full review using the AGREE criteria1 was not necessary and an expedited review was conducted.

Review Summary:Although this protocol was written for adult oncology patients, the recommendations for infection prevention can be adopted to the pediatric population. Some of the medications recommended are not used in the pediatric population. Some areas that were not addressed that are important considerations in pediatric oncology are sibling visitation policies and child life specific policies (management of toys and therapeutic play materials). Some older references since this was written in 2006- but recommendations are still current for practice.

Recommendation for use: Recommended for use pending adjustments with medication recommendations and additional infection control practiced geared toward pediatric patients.

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1The AGREE Collaboration. Writing Group: Cluzeau FA, Burgers JS, Brouwers M, Grol R, Mäkelä M, Littlejohns P, Grimshaw J, Hunt C. Development and validation of an international appraisal instrument for assessing the quality of clinical practice guidelines: the AGREE project. Quality and Safety in Health Care 2003; 12(1): 18‐23. www. agreecollaboration.org