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Education Session Abstracts

conference session2To assist submitters to prepare their abstract prior to logging into the portal, please expect to complete the following sections:

Section 1: Title

Submission titles are case sensitive and must NOT be all lower case and NOT all upper case. (20 max)

Section 2: Education Session Abstract (300 max)

In 300 words or less, please clearly describe the content of your presentation and indicate possibility of change, how it adds to the current body of work in its areas or how it contributes to change in education methodology.

Section 3: Learner Engagement Strategies

Teaching that emphasizes active learner engagement helps students process and retain information. What learner engagement strategies will you use to present your content?

Examples include: Discussion, Question and Answer, Cooperative Learning Groups, Debate, Analyzing Case Studies, Problem-Based Learning, Role-Playing, Produce Short Written Exercises, Simulation, Games, Video and Reaction, Time for Self-Check, or Time for Reflection

Section 4: Conference Learning Gaps

What learners will be able to do as a result of attending your presentation to address identified learner gaps?

Section 5: Learning Outcome

What observable and measurable outcome will learners be able to do as a result of attending your presentation?

Example: The learner will be able to (recall/classify/solve/demonstrate)...

See Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs

Section 6: Summary of Evidence

Please provide your summary of evidence using relevant and current references.

Download a sample of a well written education session abstract

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