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Paper & Poster Abstracts

conference session1To assist submitters to prepare their paper or poster abstract prior to logging into the portal, please expect to complete the following sections:

Section 1: Title

Submission titles are case sensitive and must NOT be all lower case and NOT all upper case (20 max).

Section 2: Basis of inquiry

Identify the problem and rationale for chosen direction or approach.

Section 3: Purpose/Objectives

May be program goals, research question, hypothesis(es).

Section 4: Methods

Research study: design, sample, instrumentation, analytic strategies.
Practice/educational project: description of materials/tools/program, target audience, evaluative strategies.
*Please indicate whether your content is research or education/clinical practice based.

Section 5: Findings or Outcomes

If project/study at proposal stage, include plan for interpreting findings or evaluating outcomes.

Section 6: Conference Learning Gaps

What will learners be able to do as a result of attending your presentation to address the identified conference learning gaps?

Section 7: Learning Outcome

What observable and measurable outcome will learners be able to do as a result of attending your presentation?

Example: The learner will be able to (recall/classify/solve/demonstrate).....

See Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs

Download a sample of a completed well written paper/poster abstract

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