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International Nurse Scholarship Program

APHON offers a scholarship that provides an opportunity for a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse from a developing country to attend the APHON annual conference and exhibit each year. The 43rd Annual Conference will be held September 5-7 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose California.


The purpose of the APHON International Nurse Scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse from a developing country to attend the APHON annual conference.


The scholarship covers airfare, taxi, hotel, meals and the conference registration fee, up to a maximum of $3,000 USD. The recipient will be responsible for any expenses beyond $3,000 USD.


Pediatric hematology/oncology nurses from a developing country who meet the below criteria are eligible for the scholarship:

  1. Must be able to speak and understand English at a level to understand the clinical content that will be presented at the conference without interpretation.
  2. Must have or be eligible for a US visa. If the nurse does not currently hold a US visa, he/she must be able to obtain one in a timely fashion to allow adequate time to book a reasonably priced airline ticket.
  3. In addition to the completed application that begins on page two, applicants must provide a letter from their supervisor on their institution letterhead stating that they are a practicing PEDIATRIC hematology/oncology nurse and have permission to leave work to attend the conference.
  4. Complete the questionnaire statement about your country, hospital, patients' profile and your nursing work. Please be sure to elaborate in your response and include the reason you would like to attend the conference and how you will apply the learning experience to your practice.
  5. The recipient must agree to be interviewed for APHON Counts, the APHON newsletter, during the conference for an article that will be published about the recipient's experience.
  6.  The recipient agrees to provide a summary 1 year after attending the conference explaining how they benefited from attending the conference and how their professional practice was enhanced.

If applicable, the sponsoring APHON local chapter must be willing to assist the applicant in making all travel arrangements. A member of the local chapter must agree to be responsible for arranging transportation for the recipient to and from the conference hotel and serve as the recipient's 'buddy' during the conference. (If you do not have a relationship with an APHON local chapter APHON will recruit a sponsor to serve in the capacity for you).

Download employer consent form

Completed applications must include the applicant's CV and employer consent form. The application for the 2019 scholarship will be available January 2019.