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Evidence Based Practice Clinical Guideline Review

Guideline for the Management of Fever and Neutropenia in Children With Cancer and/or Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Thomas Lehrnbecher; Robert Phillips; Sarah Alexander; Frank Alvaro; Fabianne Carlesse; Brian Fisher; Hana Hakim; Maria Santolaya; Elio Castagnola; Bonnie L. Davis; L. Lee Dupuis; Faith Gibson; Andreas H. Groll; Aditya Gaur; Ajay Gupta; Rejin Kebudi; Sérgio Petrilli; William J. Steinbach; Milena Villarroel; Theo Zaoutis; and Lillian Sung

Date of publication: 2012 | Date of Review: October 2014

Method of Review: The Evidence Based Practice Protocol Review Subcommittee conducted a group review of the clinical guideline, followed by voting to arrive at a consensus recommendation. Because this protocol has been endorsed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology which conducted a review utilizing the AGREE criteria, the subcommittee felt that completing a second AGREE review was not necessary and an expedited review was conducted.

Review Summary: Recommended for use in pediatric oncology.

Recommendation for use: Recommended without modifications- suitable for pediatric patients.

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