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Evidence Based Practice Clinical Guideline Review

WHO Guidelines on the Pharmacological Treatment of Persisting Pain in Children with Medical Illnesses

Author(s): World Health Organization (WHO)

Date of publication: 2012 | Date of Review: October 2014

Method of Review: The Evidence Based Practice Protocol Review Subcommittee conducted a group review of the clinical guideline, followed by voting to arrive at a consensus recommendation.

Review Summary: This protocol is written specifically for the pediatric population. It is very comprehensive, and would serve as a thorough guideline for the management of pain in pediatric patients. The guidelines do specifically address pain in pediatric patients with cancer and sickle cell disease. Because this is written for international use, there are some recommendations that are not suitable for US patients (namely, some medications that are not approved or available in the US). There are also some recommendations that are outside typical US oncology guidelines (ex. Using Ibuprofen for mild pain which is contraindicated in the oncology population). The research cited is current, and the language is easy to understand.

The length and depth of the guideline is a bit daunting, however, it does provide very comprehensive education on pain management options and techniques.

Recommendation for use: Recommended with modifications in pediatric oncology.

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