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Evidence-Based Practice Clinical Guideline Review

Commonly Reported Adverse Events Associated With Pediatric Immunotherapy: A Systematic Review From the Children’s Oncology Group

Author(s): Janice S. Withycombe, Aimee Carlson, Carly Coleman, Sharon L. Leslie, Micah Skeens, Hanna Tseitlin, and Elizabeth A. Duffy.

Date of publication: January/February 2021 | Date of Review: March 19, 2021

Method of Review: A subcommittee of the Evidence-Based Practice and Research Committee of the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses conducted a group review of the clinical recommendations using the AGREE II criteria1. The committee had an overall assessment of approval for endorsement.

Review Summary: Although these are not guidelines but recommendations based on a systematic review of the evidence, they are a valuable resource for caregivers of pediatric oncology patients. Immunotherapy is still relatively new and is increasing rapidly as a treatment option for pediatric cancer patients. The initial work of the authors lays the foundation for the future development of guidelines for the administration of immunotherapy to children with cancer.

Recommendation for use: Recommended for use in pediatric oncology.

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1AGREE Next Steps Consortium (2009). The AGREE II Instrument [Electronic version]. Retrieved May 2018, from www.agreetrust.org