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2020 Conference Handouts

To access educational session handouts submitted by speakers, click on the session title in the table below to download. All handouts will remain permanently online after the conference for attendees.



Welcome and Opening Keynote: Unmasking your Resiliency (101)

"Broken Bone Marrow: Comparing and Contrasting Acquired Aplastic Anemia and Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes (200)"

"Li-Fraumeni Syndrome in Pediatrics, Nurses can make a difference in quality of life and long-term survival through screening and education (201-1)"

Rolling the DICER1 (201-2)

What Every Nurse Needs to Know About Drug Shortages (202)

First Victim, Second Victim....Do No Harm (203-1)

Reducing Preventable Harm: Quality Improvement Strategies to Reduce Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Medication Administration Errors (203-2)

Promoting well-being and resilience for pediatric oncology advanced practice nurses: An evidence-based approach (204)

COG Session— Enhancing Patient/Family Education with Children’s Oncology Group Tools and Resources (C205)

Solid and CNS Tumors at Relapse: Creativity and Challenges for the APN (206)

Sickle Cell Disease - New Treatments for Patients (Finally!) (207)

Paper Presentations— Symptoms across the Cancer Care Continuum Time Will Tell? Symptom Clusters, Physical Activity, and Quality of Life During Maintenance Therapy in Children with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (209-1)

Symptoms and Quality of Life of Children and Adolescents Receiving Cellular Therapies (209-2)

Comparison of Symptom Reports Among Children with Advanced Cancer and Their Parents (209-3)

COG Session— Less is More in Childhood B-ALL: Targeted immunotherapies, MRD by HTS, and De-escalation of Therapy in COG Trials AALL1731/AALL1732 (C210)

Welcome and General Session: Pediatric Nursing Research: Transforming Practice Through Science Together (102)

Endocrinopathies Related to Cancer Therapy (211)

HLH: Navigating to Safe Harbor Through the Cytokine Storm (212)

Caring for Pediatric Patients with Malignant Bone Tumors: The Advanced Practice Nurse’s Perspective (213)

The Effect of Integrative Therapies on Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/ Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients (214-1)

The Influence of Health Seeking Behavior on the Health Literacy of Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease (214-2)

Psychosocial interventions to improve social health of adolescents and young adults with cancer: A review (214-3)

COG Session— Cancer Control and Supportive Care in the Children’s Oncology Group: Nursing Roles and Recent Results (C215)

Precision Health Care: Pharmacogenetics and Next Generation Sequencing Through the Lens of Pediatric Oncology (216)

Marijuana, Hemp, and the Child with Cancer (217)

Neurofibromatosis type 1 Diagnostic Updates and Plexiform Neurofibroma Treatment Options (218)

Communication Pearls for Navigating Difficult Conversations (219)

POINTE: A Novel Way of Spreading Global Pediatric Oncology Nursing Knowledge (220-1)

WHO Global Childhood Cancer Initiative: Relevance for Nursing Immigrant and Vulnerable Families Facing Childhood Cancer in the United States (220-2)

Long-distance Coaching for a Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Nursing Assessment and Management of Nausea and Vomiting in Marrakech, Morocco (220-3)

COG Session— Reproductive Health: from Diagnosis through Survivorship – Resources and Perspectives from the Children’s Oncology Group (C221)

Welcome and General Session: Gene Therapy and Gene Editing as a Treatment Option for Patients with Hemoglobinopathies (103)

Clinical Pearls of Pediatric Brain Tumors for the Advanced Practice Nurse (222)

Protect Your Professional Life: Beware of Predatory Publishers and Conferences (223)

Adopt, Adapt, Advance: Utilizing Evidence Based Practice, Quality Improvement and Nursing Research to Transform Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing Practice (224)

Keeping a Positive Outlook – Strategies, Threats, and Outcomes for Parents of Children with Cancer and Other Serious Illness (225-1)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Nurses: An Integrative Review (225-3)

COG Session— High Risk Neuroblastoma in the new decade: Incorporating targeted therapies to maximize impact in current Children’s Oncology Group trials (C226)

This is Awkward... Having Difficult Conversations about AYA Sexual Health (227)

What works in ITP - Voodoo to what’s NEW! (228-1)

Update on Hemophilia - The A’s, the B’s and the C’s (228-2)

Below the Surface: Applying Evidence-Based Practice in Skin Care Management with the Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Patient (229)

Preparing Patients and Families for the Off-Therapy Transition (230)

Examining Self-Reported Pain of School-Age Children Undergoing Treatment for Cancer Using a Game-Based App (231-1)

Perceived Usefulness and User Satisfaction of Electronic and Paper-and-Pencil Symptom Tracking Diaries for Young Children with Cancer: Parent Perspectives (231-2)

Patient and Parent Experiences of Cancer Symptoms as Assessed by the Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale for Children (231-3)

COG Session— How to Return Research Results to Patients and Families? The Children’s Oncology Group Experience (C232)