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APHON Counts Writing Award

The APHON Counts Writing Awards are given annually to recognize contributing authors of APHON Counts. One award is given for an article submitted for the My Most Memorable Case column two awards are given for an article submitted for either a Feature Article or one of the columns published in each issue of the newsletter.

The recipients of the APHON Counts Writing Awards are selected by the editorial board of the APHON Counts newsletter. The My Most Memorable Case recipient receives $50 in APHON Bucks and the other two awards receive $100 in APHON Bucks. Both award categories receive recognition at the annual conference business and awards luncheon, APHON Counts, in a press release, and an announcement is sent to the recipient's employer.

Past Recipients

2019 Recipients


Bergeron Countswritingaward19Sharon Bergeron, BSN RN CPON®
Research Nurse Educator, Hyundai Cancer Institute
Children's Hospital of Orange County

Sharon Bergeron (left) receives her award from APHON President Susie Burke.



Valvidez Countswritingaward19Letty Valdiviez, MSN RN CPHON®
CAR T Coordinator
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Letty Valdiviez (left) receives her award from APHON president Susie Burke.



Auger Countswritingaward19JoAnne Auger, RN CHPPN
Caritas Coach and Supportive Care RN Coordinator
Rady Children’s Hospital

APHON President Susie Burke (right) presents the award to JoAnne Auger. 


Prior Recipients

  • Suzanne Scott, RN CPNP-PC
  • Mary Langevin, APRN-CPNP CPON®
  • Jennifer Spinardi, RN
  • Rachel Glincher, MSN RN CPNP-AC CPHON®
  • Jennifer Fleming, BSN RN CPN
  • Claire McCollom, BSN RN CPHON®
  • Colleen Nixon, MSN RN CPHON®
  • Briana Edwards, BSN RN
  • Barbara Lockart, DNP APN/CNP CPON®
  • Robbie Norville, MSN RN BMTCN® CPON®
  • Kamela J. Tessitori-Lancaster, BSN RN CPON®
  • Rachel Glincher, BSN RN CPHON®
  • Kathleen Spencer, RN
  • Kelly Tickle, RN
  • Emily Browne, CPNP
  • Jennifer Stahlecker, CPNP RN
  • Susan Burke, MA RN CPNP CPHON®
  • Stacey Crane, MSN RN CPON®
  • Laura Dorneman,BSN RN CPHON®
  • Cindy Bell, PhD RN
  • Wendy Landier, PhD RN
  • Jami Gattuso, MSN RN CPON®
  • Casey Hooke, PhD RN CPON®
  • Kathleen Ruccione, MPH RN FAAN
  • Tiffany Zook, BSN RN CPON®
  • Susan Burke, MA RN CPNP CPHON®
  • J. Katherine Youngblood, MS BSN RN CPON®
  • Bridget Mulrooney, BSN RN
  • Susan Zappa, RN CPN CPON®
  • Beth Savage, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • Wendy Landier, MSN RN CPNP CPON®