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Dianne Fochtman New Author Award

DianneFochtmannNamed in honor of Dianne Fochtman, the first editor of APHON’s journal and APHON’s fourth president, this award is presented to a first author of a manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing (JOPON) in the last year and for whom this is the first or second time a manuscript has been published. The award recipient is selected by the JOPON Editorial Board. This award has been supported by Sage Publications since 2003.

The recipient of this award receives a $100 honorarium, recognition at the annual conference business and awards luncheon, APHON Counts, in a press release, and an announcement is sent to the recipient's employer.

All eligible candidates that were published in JOPON in the last year are automatically considered for this award which is selected by the JOPON Editorial Board.

Past Recipients

2022 Recipient 


Emily Browne, DNP RN CPNP




Prior Recipients

  • 2021: Lori Ranney, DNP APRN C-PNP CPHON®
  • 2020 Lori Ranney, DNP APRN C-PNP CPHON®
  • 2019 Shinyi Tang, RN MSN PNP CPON®
  • 2018 Lindsay A. Jibb, PhD RN
  • 2017 Cara B. Thurman, BSN RN MPH
  • 2016 Anna C. Evans, MSN RN CPNP CPHON®
  • 2015 Julia Rose Golden, RN CPHON®
  • 2014 Sheila Judge Santacroce, PhD
  • 2012 Maki Okada, CPNP FNP-BC CPON®
  • 2011 Kathy Marie Harney, PNP
  • 2010 Erin Shepherd, MN RN
  • 2009 Anne Grifo, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2008 Kathleen Adlard, MN RN CPON®
  • 2007 Jennifer Spencer, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2006 Jesica Pagano-Therrien, RN
  • 2005 Eleanor Hendershot, MN RN
  • 2004 Kristin Stegenga, MN RN CPON®
  • 2003 Nancy King, MSN RN CPRN CPON®
  • 2002 Christine Chordas, MSN RN CPNP
  • 2001 Deborah Robinson, MSN RN APRN PNP-BC CPON®
  • 2000 Carol Rossetto, MSN RN CPNP
  • 1999 Wendy Landier, MSN RN CPNP
  • 1998 Revonda Mosher, MSN RN CPON® CPNP
  • 1997 Roberta Woodgate, MN RN
  • 1996 David J. Sterken, MN RN CNS CPNP
  • 1995 Doria Romaniuk, BN RN