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Dr. Patricia Greene Leadership Award

TrishGreeneEstablished in 1999 and first bestowed in 2000, the Dr. Patricia Greene Leadership Award is presented to an APHON member who has demonstrated excellence in service to and leadership of APHON in a given year. Trish Greene served as APHON's first president. Following her passing in 1999 after a valiant fight against cancer, a fund was established to support an award in Trish's honor. Donations flooded in, and the fund continues to accept charitable contributions. 

This award is presented to an APHON member who has demonstrated excellence in service to and leadership of APHON in the last year. The recipient receives a $1,000 honorarium, recognition at the annual conference business awards luncheon, APHON Counts, in a press release, and an announcement is sent to the recipient's employer. 

Candidates for this award must meet the following criteria:

  • A registered professional nurse who has demonstrated exemplary service through leadership to APHON in a particular year.
  • A member in good standing of APHON.
  • A nurse who currently demonstrates leadership in the organization and whose leadership and service have enhanced the reputation, growth, and development of the association.
  • A nurse, who by example, has fostered or mentored the leadership potential of other APHON members.
  • A nurse who has distinguished herself/himself by forwarding or completing a project/program on behalf of the organization during the year.

Completed nominations must include the nominee's CV and two letters of recommendation that elaborate on the above criteria. Nominations must be submitted by June 30.

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Past Recipients

2021 Recipient

Lauri Linda, PhD APRN CPON®

Prior Recipients
  • 2020: Mary Lynn Rae, MSN RN CPHON®
  • 2019 Ruth Anne Herring, MSN RN CPNP-AC/PC CPHON®
  • 2018 Kaye Schmidt, MA RN NEA-BC CPON®
  • 2017 Amy Haskamp, MSN RN PCNS-BC CHPPN CPON®
  • 2016 Julia M. Challinor, PhD RN; Courtney Sullivan, MSN NP RN CPHON®; Kristin Belderson, DNP MS RN CPON®; Linda Abramovitz, MSN RN; Richard J. Ramos, PNP MS CNS RN; Janie Avila, BSN RN CPON; Paola Viveros Lamas, RN; and Lorena Segovia Weber, RN
  • 2015 Deborah Echtenkamp, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2014 Deborah A. Lafond, DNP CPNP CPON®
  • 2013 Beth Ann Savage, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2012 Sharon Bergeron, BSN RN CPON®
  • 2011 Jami Gattuso, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2010 Kristin Stegenga, PhD MSN RN CPON®
  • 2009 Cheryl Rodgers, MSN CPNP CPON®
  • 2008 Susie Burke, MA RN CPNP
    Joan O'Hanlon Curry, MS RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2007 Janice Nuuhiwa, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2006 Mary Nelson, MS RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2005 Deborah Echtenkamp, MSN RN CPON®
    Jennifer Harley, MSN RN
    Nancy E. Kline, PhD RN CPNP FAAN
    Robbie Norville, MSN RN CPON®
    Melissa Silva, MS RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2004 Kathleen Adlard, MN RN CPON®
  • 2003 Joetta Deswarte Wallace, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2002 Beth Siever, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2001 Stefanie J. Kelley, ND RN CS CPON®
  • 2000 Katherine J. Forte, MS RN CPNP CPON®