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Mentoring Program

Encouraging & Equipping Leaders

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The APHON Mentoring Program links members in their mutual pursuit of higher goals in the areas of leadership, professional/career development, role integration, pursuit of higher education, research, nursing teaching/education, clinical development and project development.

The APHON Mentorship Program is available to all APHON members. The program matches mentors and mentees based upon application commitment and interests. The goal of the program is to facilitate member’s growth in their nursing careers and support leadership development within APHON. Mentorship relationships will officially last a minimum of two years at which time the relationship may continue more informally.

Types of Mentoring Opportunities

  • Pursuit of Higher Education
  • Professional/Career Development
  • Role Integration
  • Nursing Teaching/Education
  • Clinical Development
  • APHON Leadership
  • Become an Instructor
  • Career Ladder Development
  • Poster Presenter
  • Projects
  • Seeking a New Credential
  • Article Writing (e.g. APHON Counts)
  • Manuscript Development (e.g. JOPON)
  • Product Development
  • Research
  • Speaker Development

The APHON Mentoring Program Committee facilitates and provides support to program participants. Manuals and learning materials are provided upon entering the program. Participants will be asked to report their progress to the APHON Mentoring Program Committee every six months. The purpose of this report is to ensure the relationship is productive and established goals are met. The committee will review reports and offer support to each mentor/mentee team to ensure success for both participants.

Open enrollment in the mentoring program is year-round.

Mentee Application Mentor Application