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The APHON Mentoring Program

Encouraging and Equipping Leaders — Seeking Future Leaders

nurses mentoringIf you are an APHON member who is a registered nurse with a minimum of six months experience, and looking for a mentor to help take you to the next level in your career and professional development, this is the program for you. You will be asked to develop a personal action plan, set up and keep appointments, give time to practice skills in decision making, and welcome frequent feedback.

Mentee Qualifications

You must be an APHON Member, a Registered Nurse with at least a minimum of six months of experience, be able to devote the time to commit to this program, and complete the enrollment application.

Mentee Guidelines/Criteria

Mentees will be responsible for their own progress/advancement. What this means is, Mentees will be asked to:

  • Set up and keep mentor appointments
  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Give time to practice skills in decision making’
  • Evaluate the success of the mentoring relationship
  • Report to APHON Mentorship Task force on a regular basis
  • Ask for frequent accurate feedback
  • Be open to different mentor styles

Other Mentee Expectations

It is important that when you are accepted as a Mentee, that you keep confidences with your, mentor as well as any commitments. In addition, during this period you will:

  • Evaluate the relationship at various points (at least mid-point and ending) within the agreed-upon time period
  • Ask for suggestions and advice early in the relationship. When advice is given, listen to the mentor, apply some of their recommendations, and let him/her know the results
  • Provide feedback about the mentoring relationship and be open to receiving feedback.
    • When providing feedback, be honest, yet tactful
  • Take initiative to drive the relationship and be responsible for your own career development and planning
  • Meet minimally every other month with a forum agreed upon by mentor and mentee
  • Accept the relationship on a temporary basis, for a minimum of 2 years.

Enroll in Mentoring Program