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APHON Mentoring Program

Encouraging and Equipping Leaders

Serve as a Mentor

mentoring programAPHON is looking for qualified mentors who are focused, active listeners, can follow through on commitments, and provide ideas, suggestions, and strategies for achieving success. You must be a registered nurse with the time to commit to the program, seek opportunities for mentee to learn, and strictly adhere to confidentiality.

How would I benefit by being a Mentor?

  • Increased self awareness
  • Realize APHON's mission
  • Make a difference in someone's life
  • Improve your professional practice
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Create new professional relationships
  • Facilitate opportunities
  • Re-energize your nursing practice

What is my role as a mentor?

As a Mentor, you would be responsible for sharing your expertise and organizational insight within APHON to prepare a mentee to be successful in performance and productivity. The mentor empowers the mentee to advance their professional development and within APHON.

Mentor Qualifications

Yes. You must be an APHON Member, a Registered Nurse with a minimum of two years experience, have the ability to make the time commitment to program which includes communication and support of mentee, and complete the mentor enrollment application. 

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly with mentee every other month or as needed
  • Help mentee reach goals and use frequent feedback
  • Enable mentee to make decisions
  • Provide ideas, suggestions and strategies to consider
  • Guide but not control
  • Seek opportunities for mentee to learn
  • Be a focused, active listener
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Strictly adhere to confidentiality
  • Evaluate the success of the mentoring relationship
  • Report to APHON Mentorship Task force every six months
  • Ask mentee “how can I support you?”

Mentor Expectations

It is important that when you are accepted into the role of Mentor, that you keep confidences with your, mentee as well as any commitments. In addition you will be asked to:

  • Evaluate the relationship at various points (at least mid-point and ending) within the agreed-upon time period
  • Provide suggestions and advice on goals activities, and progress
  • Provide and be open to feedback. When providing feedback, be honest, yet tactful
  • Provide help, serve as a learning broker, and be a sounding board for issues relating to the mentee’s career goals and development
  • Meet minimally every other month with a forum agreed upon by mentor and mentee
  • Accept the relationship on a temporary basis, for approximately 2 years or until one or both of you decides to end it

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